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  • Removable Velcro Patches


    Removable Velcro Patches for Dog Harnesses that will except Velcro patches. We have all types of patches from Service Dog, Therapy dog, and P.T.S.D, to Search & Rescue and adopt me.  We have a large selection of choices.

    Size Fits XS S/M and L/XL harnesses and bags

    2 Per Pack

    Patch Options: Service Dog, Therapy Dog, In Training, Do Not Pet, Police K9, Search And Rescue, First Aid Kit, Security, Blank, Guard Dog, Medical Alert, Pet Me, Bodyguard, Adopt Me, Emotional Support, Earth Dog, Nose Work, Barn Hunt, P.T.S.D., Deaf Dog, Blind Dog, Diabetic Alert

    Please make sure you measure your dog, see below for diagram on how to measure!

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